Kortenberg/Brussels, Belgium, April 2019 – Autodistribution International (ADI) gathers automotive trade and industry in ADI Summit on April 10 - 11

On April 10-11 ADI hosted some 160 participants at the Square Brussels Meeting Centre in the very city centre of the capital of Europe. Attending the ADI Summit were CEO’s and top managers of ADI’s contract suppliers and ADI partners representing 40 countries in Europe, Central Asia, -Northern Africa and – through its global organization 1Parts - the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Panama.

The ADI Summit is an annual top event that strengthens partnerships between leaders on both the trade and industry side of the automotive aftermarket: besides many informal encounters, some 400 scheduled meetings were organized between ADI Suppliers and Partners. In the plenary session on Wednesday night, ADI President Thomas Vollmar offered his audience insights in recent ADI events, and shared ADI’s vision on recent and future developments in the automotive aftermarket. A special welcome was given to the newly appointed CEO of 1Parts, Alex Gelbcke, to delegations from the US and Canada and to Figiefa. Keynote speaker Rudy Lauwereins, Vice-President at Imec (Imec is a world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies based in Leuven, Belgium) took the automotive audience on a virtual trip to the cradle of technology that drives most of today’s (and tomorrow’s!) advanced mobility features. For the first time in AD’s history, both ADI awards, the “Supplier of the Year 2018” and the “Aftermarket Professional of the Year 2019”, were accepted by the same person: Damien Germès, President & CEO at NGK Spark Plug Europe, Regional President EMEA and Corporate Officer at the Global Headquarters of NGK, Japan. First Damien Germès was awarded the once-in-a-lifetime “Aftermarket Professional of the Year 2019”, chosen by his aftermarket peers for his achievements in the automotive aftermarket. He was proud to join the list as the 10th Aftermarket Professional celebrated by ADI. His prize was a work of art by the French sculptor Cécile Thonus. Only minutes later, M. Germès was honoured to represent ADI Supplier NGK-NTK on stage to receive the coveted “Supplier of the Year”-Award from the hands of ADI President Thomas Vollmar. This award is the result of a performance assessment by the ADI Partners in their respective countries, based on key criteria for automotive aftermarket distribution, such as product quality and pricing, range, delivery service and support. The trophy is called “Framework” by the Belgian Willy Peeters and represents the dynamic environment (“framework”) in which we operate: the aftermarket.