Diesel Generator Sets Caterpillar

The Caterpillar offers the widest range of generator sets starting from the 13,5kVA (10,8kW) reaching and 17.550kVA (14.040kW) covering the most demanding needs for power. Caterpillar gensets are the only ones in the market that combine a generator and the engine from the same manufacturer (Caterpillar).

Diesel generating sets of Caterpillar, suitable for backup applications (STANDBY) and DC (PRIME) function is three-phase or single-phase, water-cooled, low, automatic or manual operation, open or closed type (soundproofed), low speed (max 1500rpm), with built-in fuel tanks.

Besides generator sets that have the basic (standard) built, Caterpillar provides solutions for each specific requirement, like gensets in parallel (GenSets of the same or different ratings), remote refrigerators, remote monitoring capabilities, etc.

In this website you can find most of the generator sets available from Caterpillar's product line, with detailed technical information on each unit. Choose the item that you are interested in to access detail information from the manufacturer.